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"And here's the bottom line: I feel myself emerging! I feel empowered! I feel heard!..."

Services Provided

  Increase your awareness in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Learn what all successful people know and that is how to get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable moments of your life. 
Manage your stress and get more balance while also learning how to access powerful tools that will enable you to see any pressure situation with a brand new perspective, so that it shifts from a threat into an opportunity for you to perform your best in life, on the court or on the stage.
I specialize in relationships issues, stress, self-esteem, intimacy and life balance conflicts.
As a certified sports psychologist, I also specialize in performance issues. I work not only with athletes, but with artists & entertainers as well on certain performance issues, such as stage fright or creative blockages.
I also offer sessions in Hypnosis. Hypnosis can help to resolve your challenges more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible with individualized programs created for your specific needs. Sessions are held either in my Midtown West or Wall Street offices. I also offer sessions on location. Walking and talking can be a great way to access thoughts, feelings and ideas along with some exercise! : )). We can meet at a location that is convenient - near your office, a park...and just take a walk.

In our coaching sessions you will:

  •              Learn how to increase your awarensss
  •          Discover how you can create space and become less reactive with this one, simple tool that the most successful people know and use
  •          Learn how to reframe and overcome the fears and disempowering beliefs that may be stopping you from performing your best when it matters most
  •          Learn how to better manage your stress
  •          Learn how to get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable          
  •          Develop your short and long-term goals
  •          Design your action plan
  •          Realize your ambitions

Each weekly session is one hour in length and 100% confidential.

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To learn about the services I can offer, please feel free to reach out to me @ 917.685.8735, Monday-Saturday between 9am-7pm

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